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"Belajar Listening Bagian Satu"


Apa seh listening itu ???

Listening adalah mendengarkan dimana berfocus pada pemahaman kita dalam mendengar bahasa inggris, baik itu secara langsung ataupun lewat media seperti musik ataupun yang lainnya.

Nah di sini akan akan kami berikan cara mudah memahami listening, Anda harus langsung praktek mendengarkan kemudian ulang lagi sampai anda bisa menuliskan apa yang diucapkan speaker didalam audio ( silakan dulu download file listeningnya). Kami akan membagi beberapa text yang bisa anda gunakan sebagai panduannya.

Okey, sekarang kita akan mulai dari text pertama

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{ The Omelet }

Kerri shares her recipe for making a delicious omelet.

Todd: Oh, hey, Keri! You cook, right! You're a pretty good cook.

Keri: I'm OK.

Todd: OK. I want to make an omelet, so actually this is really silly, I've never made one before. How do you make an omelet?

Keri: OK, Well, I can teach you how I make them, which is the same way my father and grandmother make them, which is a little special.

Todd: OK. Yeah! Yeah!

Keri: First you take some eggs and crack them in a bowl, and whisk them up, quite, so they're quite high and fluffy, and in a hot pan, and you need a pan that's that's kind of small, that the sides go up at an angle. You put some oil and heat it up, so it's quite hot, and then you take your whipped up eggs, or whisked up eggs, and pour them into the pan, and as it's cooking, if you take a spatula, and push the bottom layer of the egg, to the side, to the sides, and then to the middle, so the uncooked egg gets to the bottom of the pan.

Todd: Oh, OK. Wow!

Keri: OK. And keep doing that until most of the egg is cooked so you should have a nice thick omelet and then flip it over, you'll only have to cook that side lightly. Put your fillings on the top and fold it over and let it sit just long enough to melt the cheese.

Todd: Wow. That sounds really good.

Keri: Mm, it is.

Todd: Wow. What fillings do you recommend?

Keri: Um, well, if you want to do a real simple one, you can just use some pre-made salsa and cheese, and that's easy, or you can do something like cut up some ham and cheese, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, anything that you like. If you want to make a spinach omelet then you have to add the cooked spinach to the egg mixture. So it's actually cooked in it. It's inside bacon and sour cream is nice and Jack cheese.

Todd: Oh, OK. I'll have to give that a try.

Keri: OK. Sure.

text kedua

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{ The Big Red Bus }

Steven looks at a picture of a big red bus and talks about it.

Todd: OK. Steven, you're looking at a picture. Please describe what you see!

Steven: Uh, I can see a red double decker bus. It's the kind of bus you'll see very often in London. In fact I know this bus is from London because I can see the names: Chelsea, Sloan Square, Victoria, Herring Cross. These are all areas in London. Um, so obviously the bus is in London.

Todd: OK. Have you ever been on a double decker bus?

Steven: Yeah, yeah, yeah. many times. Many times. When I was younger, you used to get double-decker all over England but now you only tend to see them in the big cities.

Todd: Oh, really. Mm! How much is the fare?

Steven: Well, it depends on the journey. It's..I guess it's not too expensive, but the minimum price you would pay is, for a short journey, is about a pound.

Todd: Mm, yeah, who can you see on the bus? Can you pick out anyone on the bus who looks interesting?

Steven: Hmm, yeah, well this girl here at the back, that's leaning on the door, um, she looks really bored, actually. Maybe she is going to work or something and she doesn't want to go!

Todd: Is that how you feel on the bus?

Steven: Uh, well, no, not really, because I haven't worked in England for a long time, so I haven't taken a bus for a long time.

Todd: So, so you're British, do you missing them?

Steven: Um, yes, sometimes. Sometimes.

Todd: OK. Great. Thanks a lot.

Steven: No problem.

text ketiga

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{ Dogs }

Matts explains why his family has a special relationship with dogs.

Todd: Hello, Matt!

Matt: Hello, Todd!

Todd: Matt, I'm going to ask you some questions about pet. (OK!) First question, do you have a pet?

Matt: Yes, in fact, my mom's house we have three, three pets; two dogs and a cat. My family actually raises dogs for helping blind people.

Todd: Oh, really!

Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Todd: Wow, like how do they train the dogs?

Matt: How do they train the dogs? Well, I mean, it's a long process, right...we get them when they're puppies.....and so we train them know, sit, come... really basic things...then, after they're about two year old, they go a different training school.

Todd: Oh, wow , that's great!

Matt: Yeah, yeah!

Todd: Well, how many dogs do they train at a time?

Matt: Oh, just one! We have our own dog, and then we have a dog that we have that we are training.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Matt: Yeah, just one dog at a time.

Todd: Do you ever see the dogs you trained, like out on the street, or anything?

Matt: Sometimes we'll see them, they'll have like sort of conventions of reunions of the pets so, yeah, you get to see them once in awhile.

Todd: Oh, wow, that's cool. Um, why do people keep pets?

Matt: I guess the most important thing is companionship, right! So there is always somebody there for you that will like you no matter what.

Todd: Yeah, that's true. OK, besides cats, dogs, and fish, what are some other pets people keep?

Matt: Well, I guess if you are Sigreid and Roy you can keep a tiger or lion. I guess all types of things don't they.

Todd: Yeah.

Matt: I mean, my friend has a snake....I don't know if you mention that: snake and ferrets and insects, spiders...

Todd: OK.

Matt: All kinds of things.

Todd: All right, yeah, like there is so many. What are some costs associated with keeping a pet?

Matt: Food is probably the biggest cost, but also if you keep the dog, particiulary a dog in your house, when they are puppies, and we have a lot of puppies they'll chew up everything they can so we're constantly replacing shoes and, you know, cleaning up pee from the carpet and things like it can be a hassle.

Todd: Yeah, OK. Thanks a lot, and by the way, where are you from?

Matt: I'm from the U.S.A., from Minnesota.

text keempat

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{ MY STORY :When I was Baby }

Kevin talks about his earliest memories in New York when he was still a baby.

Todd: OK. Hello!

Kevin: Hi! How you doing?

Todd: I'm doing pretty good.

Kevin: Good.

Todd: What's your name?

Kevin: My name is Kevin.

Todd: Kevin. And where are you from?

Kevin: I'm from Pheonix, Arizona.

Todd: OK. Nice.

Kevin: In the United States.

Todd: Wow, were you born in Pheonix?

Kevin: Actually, no. I was actually born in New York, because my parents happened to be living in New York at that time . My father was a Major Leaugue Baseball player, and the year I was born, 1971, he was playing with the Mets in New York City, and my birthday is in May, May 25th, to be precise, and so my mother happened to be with my father in New York cause it was baseball season, so I was actually born in New York, but I grew up in Pheonix. so Phoenix is what I consider to be my home town.

Todd: Wow! That's Amazing! Do you remember anything about New York?

Kevin: Yes, actually, I do have a few memories because we spent probably three years there from the time I was born, obviously, until I was about two and a half or three years, we spent summers, or the baseball season in, in New York, and we rented a condominium on the second floor, and I remember, it was right across the street from La Guardia Airport, and so of course, when I was a little kid, one, one and two years old, I used to love sitting by the kitchen windows, and I even remember it was a bay window, the kind where you can roll the window open, and I used to roll the window open, and just watch the airplanes take off and land all day.

Todd: Wow! That's cool.

Kevin: And another memory I have is the people, the couple that lived below us was an elderly couple and they acted pretty much like our grandparents, so I actually called them Grandma and Grandpa, and, uh, Grandma Stevenson used to give me a bath in the, in her, in her kitchen sink, cause I was so small

Todd: Wow!

Kevin: That she would actually give me a bath in her kitchen sink, and I remember that as well.

Todd: Wow, those are good memories. OK. Thanks a lot Kevin.

Kevin: You're welcome.

text kelima

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{ VISIT - Australia }

Michael talks a little about his country, Australia and about its cities.

Todd: Hello Michael.

Michael: Hello Todd.

Todd: We're going to talk about Australia. Or your going to talk about Australia. So first of all how any people live in Australia?

Michael: Australia? Oh, there's about twenty million people in Australia right now. A little bit under, but close to twenty.

Todd: OK. What are the biggest cities?

Michael: The biggest city? The biggest city is Sydney, then it's followed by Melbourne and then Brisbane and then I think it's Perth. But most of the big cities are on the East Coast of Australia. And Perth is on the west coast, but sort of of out there by itself.

Todd: OK. Um, if you had to live in one place where would you live?

Michael: I like Brisbane. I had my teenage years in Brisbane, growing up in Brisbane, um or maybe Sidney because it is a big city,but Brisbane has got the gold coast and the sunshine.

Todd: Oh, nice. Actually, what is the capital city of Australia?

Michael: Ah, Canberra is the capital city. But is not the biggest city. Sydney is the biggest city. Canberra was made sort of by the politicians so Sydney wouldn't get to crowded. It's a separate territory.

Todd: Have you been to all the major cities in Australia?

Michael: I have been to Melbourne when I was young, but yeah, I have. But yeah. Only a short time in Perth.

Todd: OK. What is the best thing about Australia?

Michael: The best thing about Australia? Ah, probably the friendly people. The relaxed attitude, and we like visitors from other cultures.

Todd: Oh, cool. Ah, how are Australians different than other people? How are they unique?

Michael: How are Australians unique? Um, I would say that we're ah more fun-loving maybe or excepting of other people. And we don't um mind making new friends and actually and conversing with other people.

Todd: Yeah, oh yeah that's good. That's nice. OK. Thanks a lot Micheal.

Michael: No worries.

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