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{ VACATION - Going Home }

Gabrielle is heading back to New Zealand. She talks about her plans.

Todd: Hello, Gabrielle!

Gabrielle: Hello!

Todd: How are you doing today?

Gabrielle: Good thanks.

Todd: Now, Grabrielle, I hear that you are going back home to New Zealand

Gabrielle: That's right. I'm going home for summer.

Todd: OK. What are your plans?

Gabrielle: Probably a week relaxing, going camping, and then I'm going back to work.

Todd: Oh, OK. Where do you work?

Gabrielle: I teach as an English teacher in Christchurch, in New Zealand.

Todd: Oh, OK. And that's where you're from, naturally.

Gabrielle: That's right.

Todd: Were you born there?

Gabrielle: I was, yeah!

Todd: Well, you are going to have this short little break, or vacation, are you gonna go to the beach...the mountains?

Gabrielle: Probably..probably to the beach and camping for about a week with friends, yeah! Todd: Actually, how warm is it in the summer?

Gabrielle: Probably a maximum of about 30 degrees. A nice dry heat! Very comfortable.

Todd: So when you go to the beach is the water warm enough to swim in?

Gabrielle: No, no, no! We swim but it is not warm. Yeah! It's pretty chilly actually.

Todd: OK. Any other plans when you go home?

Gabrielle: Yeah, I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and family and animals.

Todd: Animals!

Gabrielle: Well, I miss my pets.

Todd: OK, well, what pets do you have?

Gabrielle: Well, I have a cat and a dog and a sheep called Sydney and two gold fish.

Todd: Wow!

Gabrielle: Yeah! And I really miss them.

Todd: I'm sure they're really excited to see you. Alright, thanks a lot.

Gabrielle: Cheers!

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{ CULTURE : Japanese Culture }

Reiko talks a little about Ikebana and the Japanese tea ceremony.

Reiko: Ikebana, it's an art of flowers and it's quite different from Western style flower arrangement because in Ikebana's theory you can decorate one flower, only with one flower.

Anili: Oh, really!

Reiko: And it's, the flower arrangement in Japan is not only decorating flowers but it's an art with flowers and space.

Anili: I see.

Reiko: The air between the flowers and also the room, and everything, it shows the space or even the universe, and that.

Anili: What's another Japanese art?

Reiko: Japanese art? Mm, Ikebana! Tea Ceremony!

Anili: Tea Ceremony!

Reiko: Tea Ceremony!

Anili: Tea Ceremony! Tell me about Tea Ceremony.

Reiko: Tea Ceremony! It's, there's a certain way you have to make tea, not only make tea, there's a certain way to for example wipe a bowl.

Anili: I see.

Reiko: Yes, with one piece of cloth, and you need to learn how to fold the cloth so that you you use each part of the cloth only once to wipe the bowl

Anili: OK.

Reiko: Yeah, so it's a complicated traditional procedure in a sense but.

Anili: How do you learn that? Is that something that your mother would teach you? How do people learn that?

Reiko: There's some professionals for both flower arrnagement and tea ceremony. So you need to go to a school, yes, and learn from your teacher and their heirarchy and the organization and you need to pass each test to go, climb up the ladder in the heirarchy.

Anili: I see. Fantastic.

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{ Meet the Parents }

Jessica talks about her mom and dad and how they are different.

Jessica: Let's see. My mom is three years older than my dad, and they are like night and day. My mom is 5 foot 4, on a good day, 5 foot 2, I think in real life, and she is very sweet and very nice, and very caring, and very cute, everybody tells her how young she looks, and how she resembles my sister, perhaps. My father is very much completely opposite that. He is a very big man, very loud, very funny, very boistrous. He makes friends no matter where he goes. For example, sometimes he goes to Florida and makes all sorts of good friends. He'll just go off. He's kind of a magnent to people, and so my parents are completely opposite, and they compliment each other very well. My dad has a very good sense of humor. My mom is very gentle. Very nice.

Todd: When is the last time you talked to you parents?

Jessica: I talked to them probably about two weeks ago. Yeah, everything is going well.

Todd: Are you going to see them soon?

Jessica: I am going to go home after the holidays and we're going to have a Christmas kind of in January or February. Yeah, depending on when my brother can come in.

Todd: OK. And who are you more like, your mother or your father?

Jessica: I think I have traits of both, actually. I look more like my mother, except that I am about a foot taller. Yeah, I resemble my mom more. I think I have both of the characteristics of my mom and dad.

Todd: OK. Great. Thanks.

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{ Losing Weight }

Devon gives Todd advice on how to shed a few pounds.

Todd: OK, Devon, I've been putting on a few pounds and you're quite a lean fit guy.

Devon: Well, thank you.

Todd: What do you recommend? What can I do to lose weight?

Devon: Well, I exercise a lot. I go running at least three times a week. But more than that I enjoy playing sports and so different sports use different muscles and all of it helps to lose that weight that you might have gained.

Todd: Yeah, well, actually, one of the problems is that I actually exercise a lot.

Devon: Do ya?

Todd: Yeah, so maybe it's my diet.

Devon: It could be and so in that case you might want to eat something perhaps more nutritious or maybe even less of what you do eat. Maybe, I eat three meals a day and I try not to snack in between. No potato chips. No popcorn. No candy bars.

Todd: That's pretty tough!

Devon: It is tough but......Well, I must admit that I cheat every once in awhile but... Ok, I'll give it a try....but actually, you see my problem is that I like junk food. So I have to choose: either I eat less or I eat a better diet.

Todd: What do you think is more important?

Devon: I think that if you are exercizing then you should just eat what you want and eat less.

Todd: Eat less. OK. This is going to be tough!

Devon: Well, I have no dought that you will do the best that you can.

Todd: Alright! Thanks a lot Devon.

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{ Soccer Spat }

CleAnn and Nana have a small arguement related to soccer.

CleAnn: Hey Nana, are you ready? Let's go.

Nana: I can't go now. I have to watch the soccer match I told you about. CleAnn: Now?

Nana: Yeah.

CleAnn: Why now? Didn't you tell me you were going to watch that later?

Nana: But I told you Chelsea had a match. So I have to watch it.

CleAnn: You know I used to be such a huge soccer fan before I met you. Because when I was back in Trinidad, it was so easy for me to like soccer because Trinidad and Tobago was playing. But now you're so obsessed, you're always online, you're downloading soccer matches, you're spending so much time following Chelsea's matches.

Nana: Are you telling me you don't like soccer anymore? CleAnn: I'm telling you I like soccer, but I think that now it's getting out of hand.

Nana: Why do you think it's getting out of hand? You can just come and sit here and watch it with me...

CleAnn: But we have to go.

Nana: After the match we can go.

CleAnn: But we have a time to be there, remember? We're supposed to meet Todd for 11.

Nana: But maybe you can just wait and watch the soccer match with me.

CleAnn: But how long does a soccer match take?

Nana: Normally 90 minutes so we just wait. After the soccer match..

CleAnn: 90 minutes? It's already 10. And we have to take the bus Yeah, but you downloaded it, Nana. Can't you just watch it later?

Nana: It's not the same as watching it live.

CleAnn: What do you mean it's not the same? So you downloaded it and you're looking at it live at the same time?

Nana: I'm watching it live now.

CleAnn: And you're also downloading it.

Nana: Yeah.

CleAnn: Why?

Nana: I will need a copy.

CleAnn: For what?

Nana: Just to keep on my hard disk. For future reference.

CleAnn: But, listen to me. Does this make sense? It's already 10 o'clock, we have to meet Todd at 11, and you're going to take 90 minutes to watch a football match. We will be late. Don't you think? So don't you think it makes sense to just keep the downloaded one and look at it later? Nana: Why can't you women always understand.

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{ Sydney }

Ann is Canadian but she has lived in Sydney. She shares her views about it.

Todd: OK, Ann, you spent quite a bit of time in Australia recently so why don't you talk about that?

Ann: I really liked living in Australia. I was an international student and I studied education at the university of Sydney. And living in Sydney was fantasticbecuase I could go to the beach anytime I wanted and there was a great nightlife in Sydney. There are lots of great clubs. And people were very, very friendly and easy-going and I met a lot of international people in living Sydney.

Todd: Mm-hm. How long were you there?

Ann: I was there for almost a year.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Ann: And I travelled a little bit in Australia. I went up the east coast. Up to Frasier Island. Which is a world heritage site. And I saw dingos running along the beach and sharks in the water. We climbed cliffs and went through a rain forest and went camping and then we went up to the -------, which is a but north. And the further north you go in Australia, the hotter it gets. So we were able to go swimming in the ocean and I went diving for the first time but it was a little bit risky cause I didn't have a diving license, so I went on an introductory dive and I saw a giant clam that had a really purple spongy inside that I was able to touch and then the clam closed up really quickly.

Todd: So, did you, did you lose your finger?

Ann: Almost.

Todd: Almost. Ah, you're lucky. Um, it's funny, you go in the water and you worry about sharks, but not clams.

Ann: Exactly.

Todd: Will you be going back to Australia soon?

Ann: I'd like to go and live there for at least another year. Probably I'll go back to Sydney or maybe I'll go down to Melbourne because it's a really interesting cultural city. They have lot of museums and parks.

Todd: OK. You gotta choose real quick, only one city, Montreal or Sydney, which do you choose?

Ann: Sydney, without a doubt.

Ann: Sydney, without a doubt.

Ann: You're welcome.

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