a bit about me:

My name is Abdul Aziz. My friends call me Abdul.

I was born in Alabio City, exactly south Borneo .

I am the first child of 8 siblings that have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. I am a son of couple Ahmad Arsani and Mahdiana.

I started my education at Madrasah Darunnajah Sungai Pandan. Since i was a child, i really loved a history lesson not english but now, i do love an english lesson.

Do you know? i could not speak english after graduation in university actually My major is English Education but in fact, i did not master english so that i went to Pare( english village) for studying english and not more a year i could speak english due to I often watch english movie, listen an english music and always tried to speak english with my friends around me in pare(in english vilage, all of people speak english) .

And now, i am an English teacher at SDN TELUK DALAM 3 Banjarmasin and also work as Smadav Admin & Information .

Biografi TIM :

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